Company History

1979 Developed an automatic loading device for soft materials
1980 Entered into technical cooperation relationships on the heat blast cupola with SHINTOKOGIO, LTD.
1981 Began to produce fishery machines
Entered into start-up technical cooperation relationships on the split blast cupola with VFG in West Germany
1984 Developed a multi-purpose stacker
Developed a gate cutting machine for ductile cast iron
1985 Developed an N/C slitter
1986 Developed a fully automatic raw materials feeding device for cupolas
Developed an N/C loader for turning machines
1987 Developed a fully automatic bound iron feeding device for electrical furnaces
Developed an N/C positioner
Developed an orthogonal robot
Developed an auto-shirr and auto-cutter
1989 Introduced a CAD system for designing
Developed an N/C boring machine for aluminum building materials
Completed a new office
1990 Completed a new factory and remodeled the annex
Sought to expand the manufacturing system
1992 Enhanced the robot integrator business
1993 Developed a fully automation system for die-casting machine peripherals
1994 Developed a welding automation line controlled by robots
1995 Developed and delivered the METI PL 3D stress load system
Developed a windlass with the drag function for tuna long line fishery named “Power Roller”
1996 Developed an automatic inspection device controlled by robots for tap screw holes of aluminum casting parts
1997 Developed a spray robot system for die-casing machines
Strengthened the foundry section
1999 Developed an inoculating device for molten metal streamlines
2000 Developed a conveyance system for liquid-crystal glass substrates
2001 Developed a centrifugal casting system
2004 Developed a film remover for liquid-crystal glass substrates
Developed i-joint being an energy-saving vacuum accessory
2005 Completed the Kiyoji new factory
Developed a packing system in the G7.5 glass substrate crate style/flatly placing style
2006 Developed an inspection device for liquid-crystal module lighting
Launched the robot academy
Developed an air floating conveyance system for liquid-crystal glass substrates
2007 Developed an unpacking/packing device for liquid-crystal cell substrates
Developed a unpacking device in the G8 glass substrate crate style
2008 Enhanced the field of robot burring
Developed an unpacking device in flatly placing style for G8 glass substrates
October 2009 Developed a materials supply device in the automatic lifting magnet crane
January 2011 Established a new company, Sanmei Mechanical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Thailand
November 2011 Began to sell and the system-up of Universal Robot made in Denmark for the first time in Japan as its official partner
July 2012 Developed a molten metal feeding robot hand in the external shaft style
April 2013 Started to work on a 3D picking system in collaboration with 3D media
September 2013 Opened the Robot Academy in Thailand
Trained human resources as robot system integrators
July 2014 Developed a slag removing device
September 2014 Developed the new type of a gate cutting machine
July 2015 Developed a molten metal feeding rot hand
Developed an energy-saving multiple joint robot (succeeded in downsizing a traditional one through an original transformation mechanism)
July 2015 Exhibited a product for the first time at China Diecasting Exhibition held at Shanghai
February 2016 Improved follow-through services in Mexico
Outsourced a business to Kanematsu KGK Corp
October 2016 Increased efforts on the 3D random picking system in cooperation with MUJIN
January 2017 Established a new company, Sanmei Mechanical Suzhou Ltd, at Suzhou, China

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