Management Philosophies

To satisfy both product features/quality to realize our customers’ dreams and product price

To contribute to the society by building mutual trusts and cooperation

To support our employees spend a nice life and build a healthy family by providing them with rewards that they deserve

Product Quality Policy

  1. Supplying products and services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations by taking advantage of our technologies
  2. Eliminating the malfunction in terms of product quality through the satisfaction of QMS requirements and the continued improvements in their effectiveness
  3. Implementing our system that seeks to accelerate the improvements in our customers’ satisfaction and securing resources necessary for such improvements by coordinating the vectors of employees and management

Messages from President

Establishing Only One Sanmei Brand with Aim to Become “First Call Company”

Starting from the automation of a feeding device for casting plant materials and Factory Automation (FA), we, Sanmei Mechanical Inc., have been promoting the diversification of our business lineups with always reading the times ahead and accumulating know-hows while improving our technologies. Specifically, we, in association with the significant expansion of the automobile industry, have advanced to the Automation System for Die-Casting Machine Peripherals , penetrated into a variety of fields of liquid-crystal glass, and taken a step into the automation system of a flat panel display manufacturing line suitable to mass production.

Especially, taking advantage of our overall capabilities for a system fully utilizing the “Mechanical Technology×Electrical Technology×Robotic Technology” which are the strengths of Sanmei Mechanical Inc., we have been proactively making proposals without attaching ourselves to any particular genre or scene on a fully ready-made automation robot system that satisfies the needs of each one of our customers.

In recent years, we have been advancing to the field of random picking using robots equipped with a 3D image processing device and providing a system where such robot can pick randomly arranged parts with a high degree of accuracy without taking any teaching.

What we will pursue is the only one company in a niche field of the enormous markets. To this end, we need to segmentalize out target markets to be focused and possess our own technologies that cannot be followed by other rival companies.

Under a circumstance where the requests from customers are going to be further diversified, sophisticated and personalized, we, Sanmei Mechanical Inc. as a “First Call Company”, will seek further developments in order to become a company to be very firstly consulted with by customers.

Company Profile

Company Name Sanmei Mechanical Inc.
Establishment April 1947 (Originally Established in 1870)
Location Head Office/Factory: 940 Sodechi-cho, Simizu-ku, Shizuoka 424-0037 JAPAN
700/251 Moo.l T.Bankao Ban Kao, Phan Thong District, Chon Buri 20160
China Local Office 蘇州賛明自動化科技有限公司
江蘇省蘇州市呉江区汾湖経済升友区汾楊路333号 亜徳林機械有限公司工場内
TEL (Domestic) 054-366-0088 (Main)/ (International) +81-54-366-0088
FAX (Domestic) 054-366-0158/ (International) +81-054-366-0158
Capital 10,000,000 Japanese Yen
Representative Kazuo Kubota, Representative Director
Number of Employees 95
Business Description
■Robot System & FA System
■Automation System for Die-Casting Machine Peripherals
■Casting Plant
■Automation System for Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Lines
■Industrial Labor-Saving Automation Device
■Cut Loading Automation System
Group Companies Sanmei Corporation

This company is responsible for information collection and the publicity of technological capabilities of Samei Group with taking advantage of its nation-wide sales network. While correctly understanding the problems of individual users and coordinating the developmental/technological capabilities of respective group companies, Sanmei Corporation does presentations on a product under development tailored to each client company which is difficult for major manufacturers.

Matsubara-cho 6-16, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 424-0825 JAPAN
TEL: (Domestic) 054-353-3271 (Main)/ (International) +81-54-353-3271 (Main)
FAX: (Domestic) 054-352-1648 / (International) +81-54-352-1648

Sanmei Electronics Co., Ltd.

This company pursues the FA technology presently being sophisticated and complicated from the field of electronics, responsible for “the heart” of products to be developed. In addition, Sanmei Electronics Co., Ltd. is functioning as the base for the application of electronics to FA and the R&D activities to generate new technologies, and, as one of the top-level companies in Japan, continuing to lead advanced technologies in the field of electronic control which have been increasingly demanded today.

Saiwai-cho 9-26, Shimizu-ku, Shimizu-shi, Sizuoka 424-0923 JAPAN
TEL: (Domestic) 054-335-5588 (Main)/ (International) +81-54-335-5588 (Main)
FAX: (Domestic) 054-335-5724 / (International) +81-54-335-5724


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