Satisfying various customer needs from the metric of materials to their conveyance and supply to a melting furnace with using a material supply device and robotic control as its core technologies. We also proactively engage in the development and introduction of a new technology including the measuring system of mixed metals and rare metals. Further, we have already started to work on the development of a device for risk assessment as our urgent task.

Product Lineup

Material Supply Device
Automatic Lifting Magnet Crane
Automated Measuring Device for Alloy Irons
Automatic Molten Metal Feeding Machine
Slag Removing Device
Gate Folding Deviceplant-07
Core Burring Device

Automated Supply Device for Dissolving Materials

A series of devices for supplying materials to a melting furnace. We coordinate and design a wide range of devices with using respective casting lines.

Material Hopper
We design a hopper most suitable for the kind, figure and capacity of a material.

Bucket Loader
This is a versatile device for feeding materials into a hopper and/or a melting furnace.

Ingot Feeding Robot
Feeding materials with understanding the array of them thorough image processing

Material Consolidating Device
Automatically weighing respective materials with using a weighing carriage. Consolidating materials of various patterns

Feeding Carriage
Many types of products are available to be proposed including traverse, belt, vibratory and roller ones.

Automatic Warehousing System for Mixed Material Stocking
Mixed materials are stocked and delivered as necessary under this system.

Challenges before Product Development

  • Needs for the improvement in work efficiency during the material preparation stage per dissolution process (such as reduction in the number of feeding through mechanization)
  • Increase in the precision of weighing (getting rid of human errors)
  • Handling of more complexed compositions (the automation through the instruction on composition given by a upper-level computer)
  • The expansion and increase of equipment with effectively utilizing existing equipment
  • Enhancement in the durability of equipment
  • Automation of Dangerous Works

Points in Product Development

Development of a totalized supply device using robot technologies and control systems

  • Speeding-up of the supply process through the reduction in the number of supply of materials and their continuous supply (maximum feeding amount per batch: 4,000 kg)
  • Automatic weighing machine for multiple materials according to the differences in the figure and components of them (realizing a completely unmanned machine by having a composition setting machine memorize the composition patterns)
  • Using members with the resistance to impact and cutting for a conveyer-belt feeding carriage

Automatic Lifting Magnet Crane

Automatic Lifting Magnet Crane
This product directly and automatically weighs materials and consolidates them from yards to a feeding carriage, etc.

Automated Measuring Device for Alloy Irons

Automated Measuring Device for Alloy Irons
This device automatically weighs Si, C, Mg, etc.

Dissolution System Cupola

Hot-Blast Cupola for Continuous Dissolution
Designing a cupola suitable for continuous dissolution in accordance with your necessary amount of molten metal

Molten Metal Device

Automatic Molten Metal Device
Automatically feeding molten metal into a shaped frame

Slag Removing Device

Slag Removing Device
This device can remove slags (impure substances) floating on the top face of molten metal, leading to the reduction of workload and risks such as burn injury and falling

Gate Folding Device

Gate Cutting Machine
This machine crushes a runner for making it an appropriate size for the feeding into a melting furnace.

Automatic Core Burring Device for Casting Plant

Product Outline

This product has achieved the automation of and improvement in quality for core burring after the casting process which is particularly difficult. .

Automatic Core Burring Device
We propose the best and completely ready-made device in consideration of the burr, material quality, figure and man-hour that vary by product.

Challenges before Product Development

  • The spread, noise and vibration of dust as well as physical exhaustion of workers, etc. attributable to the burring work by their own hand
  • Handling of the unstable conditions and size of burrs
  • Human errors (inconsistency in product quality attributable to hand work)

Points in Product Development

The complete automation of burring work via robot control

  • Reduction of workload through the removal of grinder work (improvement in work conditions)
  • Improvement in work efficiency (speeding-up)
  • Full automation of a series of burring works from the collection and washing of chips to their take-out
  • Leveling of Product Quality

For Customers

● The posted images of the product is just an illustration. In considering the version upgrade of your existing equipment, you don’t have any restriction on the manufacturer/specifications of the robot(s) you are currently using.

● Any of our product is proposed based on your requests after our hearing their details including the layout and capacity of your manufacturing lines as well as your product outline and personnel distribution.