We propose an automation system via robot technologies from the conveyance of a liquid-crystal glass substrate to its unpacking and packing, realizing the higher efficiency of your manufacturing lines and the improvement in your product quality. Compatible also with G10 being the standard for the large liquid-crystal glass.


Technical System

Non-Contact Conveyance System for Liquid-Crystal Glass Substrate

Float Chuck Hand
Floating Conveyer
Perimeter Chuck Hand

Automatic Conveyance System for Liquid-Crystal Panel

Robot Conveyance System
Resin Roller Conveyer
Vertical Conveyer

Unpacking/Packing System for Liquid-Crystal Glass Substrate

Dense Pack Unpacking/Packing Device
PP Case Insert Robot
Film Remover

Business Outline

Operating Areas Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Singapore
Share & Original Technologies Dense Pack Unpacking/Packing System (largest market share in Taiwan; About 20% of market share in Japan; Patented in Japan/Taiwan)
Liquid-Crystal Glass Substrate Film Remover (Patented in Japan/Taiwan)

Proposed Case

Non-Contact Conveyance System for Liquid-Crystal Glass Substrate

(Float Chuck Hand & Conveyer)

Product Outline

Float Chuck Hand
Moving from one manufacturing line to another with floating through air adsorption without touching the glass substrate

Floating Conveyer
Conveying a glass substrate on the conveyer by floating it with air without its touching the glass substrate

Challenges before Product Development

  • Handling of irregular events at work (correction in the misalignment of a pitch)
  • Improvement in line efficiency (speeding-up/energy-saving)
  • Adjustment to the standards for the large-sized liquid-crystal glass (G8-G10)

Points in Product Development

Able to automatically calculate the most appropriate pitch through the robotic searching function

  • This floating conveyer has enabled the low-vibration conveyance with more controlling pulsation than the conventional one.
  • Satisfying both high buoyant force and energy-saving with controlling spurting air
  • Full automation of the conveyer of a substrate between lines
  • Enabling an adjustment to the standards for large-sized substrates (G8-G10) by designing in view of their growing in size

Dense Pack Unpacking/Packing System for Liquid-Crystal Glass Substrate

Product Outline

This is a system designed for packing liquid-crystal glass substrates after their unpacking from a pallet/dense pack specially produced for the conveyance, washing, and inspection.
It is capable of taking out/in glass and slip sheets from a dense pack. You can use this product on both liquid-crystal glass substrate manufacturing lines and liquid-crystal panel manufacturing lines. (Unpacking Device: Dense Unpacker; Packing Device: Dense Packer)

Challenges before Product Development

  • The roller-type conveyance system for liquid-crystal glass substrates has still been widely used at the moment. The conveyance of liquid-crystal glass substrates on a manufacturing line without them getting damaged has been a challenge for the roller-type conveyance system, overcoming which challenge could improve the quality of them in the shipment.
  • Adjustment to the standard for large-sized liquid-crystal glass (G8-G10)
  • Improvement in performance compared to conventional products under the non-contact conveyance system (lower vibration and higher buoyancy force)

Points in Product Development

This product is a non-contact robot hand employing Bernoulli’s theory. Adsorbing a substrate with using negative pressure caused by spurting air.

  • Securing the largest share regarding the dense pack unpacking/system in Taiwan
    (50% or more).
  • The specifications of our product have been adopted as the world standard.
  • Bringing out the world’s fastest processing ability (G8 size: 18 seconds/sheet; G5 size: 10 seconds/sheet).


For Customers

● The posted images of the product is just an illustration. In considering the version upgrade of your existing equipment, you don’t have any restriction on the manufacturer/specifications of the robot(s) you are currently using.

● Any of our product is proposed based on your requests after our hearing their details including the layout and capacity of your manufacturing lines as well as your product outline and personnel distribution.